Konzert: Pakava It (Moskau/Russland)

Konzert: Pakava It (Moskau/Russland)

Pakava It’ entstand buchstäblich in den Straßen von Moskau. Der wahnsinnige Rhythmus und die schrägen Dissonanzen der russischen Hauptstadt, wo sozialistische Vergangenheit und bourgeoise Zukunft, neureiche Ignoranz und lebendige moderne Kultur, verzweifelte Jagd nach Glück und unglaubliche menschliche Wärme nebeneinander bestehen, prägten die Musik von Pakava It’. Die Gruppe vereint Musiker mit höchst unterschiedlichen Backgrounds: manche vom Jazz, manche von der Klassik und andere machen vor allem Ska und slawisch-afrikanisch-lateinamerikanische Tanzmusik.
Diese Vielfalt bestimmt den Orchester-Sound und die Konzerte von Pakava It sind zudem ausgeklügelt theatralisierte Shows, dominiert vom mächtigen Bläserklang, garniert von Megaphon-Raps oder Scratchings. Das Resultat: Extreme Tanzbarkeit mit Verwurzelungen vom Klezmer-Klang Osteuropas bis zu den Dancehalls der Karibik.
Also kommt & tanzt zu den »Fanfaren von Moskau«!

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The Moscow orchestra. Unique formation of nine people, players and composers in the same time. Each person of collective is independent creative person with completely different mentality, education, roots. This is unusual existence of interaction between various temperaments, motivations and images with just one uniting thing – the fact of living in Moscow. The city of improbable sizes with lots of nationalities, with fast growing tempo of life and with big quantity of social subcultures. Pakava It is a music and all the rest that you can imagine with it. All the ideas and emotions are transformed into melodies, harmonies and compositions, which talk to people in a Universal language – language of sounds. This brilliant, hot and vital music is forcing people to think and move.

Short History:

Pakava It Orchestra was born in the middle of Moscow on the border between 99-00 years. Their first stages were moscow boullevards, parks and streets in the company of creative youth. Since all the compositions had a big story of creation and development, the formation of a band’s repertoure took a long time. The musical freedom develops the sound of Pakava in a first place, without any borders of styles and directions. You can find pieces of jazz and classical music here, contemporary avantgarde, african and latin-american dance music, club music, traditional world music… It is not just the mix, but style of living. In a short time Pakava It started to be renowned guests of moscow clubs, different music festivals and shows. During 2000-2007 Pakava took part in jazz, ethnic festivals, movie and theatre projects in Russia and abroad. Pakava is touring around Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and other countries.

Members of Pakava It:

Proudkovsky Galaktion – alto-sax;
Loubennikov Ivan – tenor-sax; acoustic guitar;
Slava Keizerov – 1st trombone;
Senchukov Fedor – 2st trombone;
Privalov Alexander – trumpet;
Lapshinov Yury – banjo, guitars;
Nochin Alexander – sousaphone, bass;
Stas Astakhov – drums;
Anna Shlenskaya – congos, percussion.



15. März 2009 - 21:00